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"Celebrating the rich heritage of Goa, one handcrafted piece at a time."

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Welcome to Goa Decor

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Welcome to the Goa Decor artisanal boutique store. Goa decor emerged out of our founder, architect and interior designer Roopa Kunkolienkar's vision to celebrate Goa's rich cultural heritage through artistry. Her initiative is making a positive impact on the lives of highly skilled local by providing them opportunities to create these beautiful pieces. The products at Goa Decor store are carefully conceptualised and designed at the studio, preserving the beauty and essence of Goan heritage and tradition, from a series of hand paintings to the handcrafted wooden ware and a variety of typical Goan windows, Every item in our collection is a true reflection of Goan heritage. Whether you are a collector, an interior designer, an art enthusiast, heritage lover or just someone who appreciates Goan history or has an innate love for Goa, we have something for everyone. We have displayed our product section wise. Art, Goan windows, handcrafted wooden ware, lifestyle accessories, spirituals. Thank you for visiting our gallery. We hope you enjoy your time here and leave feeling enriched by the experience

Our Paintings

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Welcome to the art gallery of Goa Decor. We are excited to introduce our collaboration with an exceptional artist, Professor Raj Halankar from the renowned JJ School of Applied Arts in Mumbai. His years of experience and talent are evident in each of his stunning pieces on display in our arts section. Let's take a moment to appreciate his mastery of the art form. Part one showcases all original paintings. We have around 12 different series of original hand paintings. The series includes Vintage Goa, paintings in sepia color depicting Goan cities, monuments, and other heritage structures from the pre-liberation era. Monuments of Goa's heritage monuments as well as Goa's beautiful temples and churches in color. Traditions and Lost Occupations of Goa features some of the lost and soon-to-be-extinct traditional occupations of Goa. Goan landscapes depict various landscapes of Goa, including its shores, hinterlands, farming lands, paddy fields, mangroves, and many more. Festivals of Goa: paintings of the festivals celebrated in Goa for the past several decades, through generations Other series include local produce, seafood, antiques, and folk dances from Goa. Most of the original paintings were done in four sizes and later inserted with or without mounts in wooden frames, which are handcrafted at our workshop. We also offer options in fiber and colored frames upon client request. Part two presents an economical range of artwork. We have selected a few of the originals and replicated them as fridge magnets, different frames, and oval and circular-shaped wooden frames for affordability. Come and explore our collection today and discover the beauty and richness of Goan culture through our exquisite art and decor pieces.

Goan Windows

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We showcase a range of unique souvenirs conceptualised and designed for Goa. Our journey began during the pandemic, when we put into action the need to create quality souvenirs that would capture the essence of Goa. As a child, I was fascinated by the beautiful ancestral homes in Goa that had unique and pretty windows. Our selection of one of the souvenirs is inspired by this element of Goan architecture, with a focus on the most strikingly patterned spokes, flowers, and diamonds. We offer a variety of options for our customers to choose from, including small coloured fixed windows, mini windows framed against typical Goan house colours, mini shell windows, and natural shell windows crafted inward. Our wood and shell windows are available in two patterns and presented in four sizes. large, medium, small, and mini. We also feature original paintings of Goan windows by our associate artist. We have also introduced the three patterns of Goan windows as fridge magnets. Our best-selling product is the mini shell window, which comes with the option to insert original or replica paintings, a family picture, or a mirror from the backside. We offered the option of melamine polish or distressed colour for the wood, and customers could choose clean or stained glass for the ark to enhance the aesthetics of the window. We present them with mirrors below. We also offer customization of any pattern as per our clients' requirements. Thank you for visiting our store, and we hope you enjoy our unique range of souvenirs that capture the beauty of Goa's architectural heritage.

Wooden Wares

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Welcome to the handcrafted woodenware section. Here at our gallery, we take pride in showcasing a collection of antique wooden ware that has been given a modern twist to meet contemporary needs. Our inspiration for this section comes from a personal collection of antiques gathered from four ancestral Goan homes. Our skilled local artisans handcraft each item from a single block of seasoned wood. Each piece is introduced with its original Konkani name and can be used to serve both cold and hot food. Let us introduce you to our collection. Samaddê, The spice box presented here is an appetiser server. Maapa, the measures offered as a curio or memento. Maitulthe, a rice bowl used as a rice or curry bowl Korpunnem: The fodder tray is presented here as a pile or bread basket in two sizes. Kolmul, or the Kokum Curry Bowl, is still used to serve soul curry or buttermilk curry. Ravi, the butter churner, is now available as wall decor. Patlo: the keen basket is presented as a salad bowl. Soop, the husk or impurities winnowing item offered as an appetiser server. Taath and Paraath, the Thali are Presented as a multi-utility item, Vodê is presented as a canoe-shaped appetiser or snack server. We have more exciting items in the making that will soon be added to our collection. Thank you for visiting our gallery and taking the time to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Goa.


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